February 20 to March 1, 2025 Footloose at the Fair!
February 20 to March 1, 2025 Footloose at the Fair!

Rabbit Show

Show / Contest Coordinator

Linda Graham, 352-445-4552

More about the Rabbit Show

Did you know a rabbit has five toes on the front feet and four on the back feet? Rabbits are easily trained to use a litter box, just as a cat does. Contrary to popular belief, rabbits cannot live on lettuce and carrots alone. All of the young people exhibiting rabbits learn these and many more facts as they complete their projects. Record keeping is an important aspect of all our animal projects, and a completed record book must be turned in before the show in order for the students to compete.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my child eligible? Any student older than 8 years of age and up, who attends the mandatory meeting and pays entry fee, is a member of a 4H club or FFA chapter, and either lives in or goes to school in Marion County may enter this contest.

How much does it cost? $3 entry fee per head ($15 maximum per exhibitor).

2024 Winners

Grand Champion – (New Zealand) Abigail Hurst – Lucky Learners 4H

Best In Show



Mini – Brynleigh Durham, Caprine 4H

Cavy – Brynleigh Durham, Caprine 4H

Reserve In Show

STANDARD – Cream D’Argent – Shelby Ebsen, Colt Country 4H
MINI – Dutch – Milyn Grilliot – Belleview High FFA

JR – Brylee Hunter – Ft. McCoy 4-Leaf 4H
INT – Brynleigh Durham, Caprine 4H
SR – Kayleigh Ebsen – Colt Country 4H

JR – Olivia Walker – Lucky Learners 4H
INT – Abbigail Schultz – Dunnellon 4H
SR – Cate Viverito – West Port High FFA

JR – Brylee Hunter – Ft. McCoy 4-Leaf 4H
INT – Brittney Gartner – Belleview Middle FFA
SR – Kayleigh Ebsen – Colt Country 4H

JR – Brylee Hunter – Caprine 4H
INT – Grace Trafford – Ocklawaha Lil Bits 4H
SR – Kayleigh Ebsen – Colt Country 4H

Herdsman Award

Brylee Hunter – Ft. McCoy 4-leaf 4H


Kayleigh Ebsen – Colt Country 4H


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2024 Poster Contest Topics:

  • Junior: Describe your breed
  • Intermediate: Parasite Prevention (deworming, bugs, etc)
  • Senior: Build a Rabbit Breeding program

Rabbit Breed ID

Exhibitors need to study the rabbit breed chart above. 
You will look at rabbits and have to write down the following:
Breed – full name 
Showroom Variety
Body Type 
Class – 4 class or 6 class – most rabbit are show 4 class (SR Buck – Sr Doe- Jr Buck – JR Doe)  but some breeds have a Intermediate class (Buck & Doe 6 to 8 months)  

Scholarships / Special Awards

Poster Contest Winner


High Point

Thank You Rabbit Sponsors

Mid-Florida Rabbit Breeder’s Association
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