Feb. 19-27, 2021 Leave a legacy, live the tradition.
Feb. 19-27, 2021 Leave a legacy, live the tradition.

Market Swine

Show / Contest Coordinator

Brian Alberty, 352-266-5322

More about the Market Swine Contest

This show is one of the largest youth swine shows in Florida. The Swine Show, like the Steer Show, involves feeding out the project animal for the purpose of marketing that animal for sale. From November through February, exhibitors work with their animals, keeping detailed records. Marketing is another important part of the swine project. Each exhibitor must make at least five business contacts in order to promote the sale of their hogs. We welcome you to come out and see if you can pick the Grand Champion. Then come back the following night for the fun of the sale. As with all the animal projects for the Southeastern Youth Fair, a completed record book must be turned in for the exhibitor to compete with his or her animal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my child eligible? Any student older than 8 years of age and up, who attends the mandatory meeting and pays entry fee, is a member of a 4H club or FFA chapter, and lives in or goes to school in Marion County may enter this contest.

How much does it cost? $15 entry fee.

Where do I find the Entry Form? You must attend the Mandatory Meeting to receive the Entry Form.

2020 Winners

Grand Champion – Hailey Wise – North Marion High FFA

Reserve Grand Champion – Peyton Donahue – Majestic Oaks 4H

Premier Exhibitor – Hailey Wise – North Marion High FFA

  • Class 1 – Brody Dameron – Lake Weir High FFA
  • Class 2 – Daysi Robinson – Lake Weir HS FFA
  • Class 3 – Matthew Abruzzi – Forest HS FFA
  • Class 4 – Hailey Wise – NMHS FFA
  • Class 5 – Peyton Donahue – Majestic Oaks 4H



  • Class 6 – Jolee Miller- Belleview High FFA
  • Class 7 – Brooke Sakuta – Caprine 4H
  • Class 8 – Holly Gomez – Ft King MIddle FFA
  • Class 9 – Holton Dwyer – Wild N Country 4H
  • Class 10 – Casey Oliver – Belleview Bald Eagles 4H
  • Class 11 – Westin Earnest – Wild N Country 4H
  • Class 12 – Toby Campbell – Lake Weir Middle FFA


  • Class 13 – Wyatt Riolo – Sparr Stallions 4H


  • Junior – Brooke Sakuta – Caprine 4H
  • Intermediate – Lainey Liles – BMS FFA
  • Senior – Hailey Wise – North Marion High FFA

Record Book

  • Junior – Owen Wishmeier – Lucky Learners 4H
  • Intermediate – Lainey Liles – Belleview Middle FFA
  • Senior – Hailey Constable – Hands-on 4H

Herdsman Group Award

Lucky Learners 4H


  • Junior – Geremy Crouch – Dunnellon High FFA
  • Intermediate – Carolyn Parker – Belleview Middle FFA
  • Senior – Kylie Krause – Lucky Learners 4H

Henry Gatrell Trophy

Carcass Contest – Connor Grubb – Vanguard High FFA

Tim Townley Award

Jacob Dorland – Dunnellon High School FFA

Scholarships / Special Awards

  • Henry Gatrell Award
    • Innovation and determination are two ingredients needed to build the type of hog operation that Henry Gatrell developed with his son, Fred, here in Marion County in 1938.  Although neither spoke a word of Spanish, they developed a thriving export business to Central and South America, shipping almost their entire production of Durocs. Henry Gatrell was born in Marion County and spent his life farming. The Agribusiness Committee of the Ocala/Marion County Chamber of Commerce, desiring to encourage the same spirit in young people that Henry Gatrell displayed, decided to honor an aspiring swine breeder each year at the Southeastern Youth Fair.  The Henry Gatrell Trophy is awarded to the swine exhibitor whose hog has the best ultra sound carcass at the show. There are many factors that determine a great market carcass: genetics, good health, quality feed, exercise and daily management. Like Henry Gatrell, it sometimes takes much innovation and determination to produce those blue ribbon hogs. In the process, the Chamber of Commerce hopes they are encouraging the development of “Blue Ribbon Young’uns!” Thank you Ocala/Marion County Chamber of Commerce for supporting our youth.
  • Tim Townley Award
    • The Tim Townley Award is given to the Southeastern Youth Fair student who exhibits a true and willing spirit to help others. They are recognized by the SEYF Swine Committee as the outstanding individual for volunteering and sportsmanship.  This was Mr. Townley’s true spirit and this individual reflects his legacy.
  • High Point Award
    • High point is calculated by placing in Record Book, Showmanship, and score on Skillathon test.
  • Herdsman Award

Thank You Market Swine Sponsors

Alberty’s Fence
Anderson Columbia Company
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BJW Site Development
Blake, Chase & Kade Calder
Boutwell Construction
Bramlett Electric
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Carlos Alberty
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Hiers-Baxley Community Care
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KAP Design Group
Lamerand Consulting
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Marion County Farm Bureau
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Michael Faison Maintenance
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Outdoor Solutions “ODS” Tree Service
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Sack Roofing, Inc.
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Townley Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Waggener Brother Fencing, LLC
Wood’s Garage


Sponsorship Opportunities

You Can Help

SEYF is a non-profit, and is reliant on help from the community in the form of donations of money, services and time.  Click below to get involved and help us help the youth of Marion County.