Feb. 19-27, 2021 Leave a legacy, live the tradition.
Feb. 19-27, 2021 Leave a legacy, live the tradition.

Livestock Judging

Show / Contest Coordinator

Samantha Dailey, 352-615-3060

Committee Members:

Caitlin Bainum

More about the Livestock Judging Contest

Exhibitors compete as a team and/or individually to judge groups of livestock classes. Livestock judging will train exhibitors in live animal evaluation of breeding and market animals. Students learn the parts of each of the species that will be evaluated: beef cattle, sheep, and swine. They also study breed differences within the species. Each exhibitor will meet one-on-one with an official to give their oral reasons for their placement. Exhibitors should learn to make their own decisions based upon the best available information presented to them. Scores are based on presentation as well as accuracy of placement. Exhibitors gain skills in decision making, critical thinking, oral communication and self-confidence in addition to advancing their knowledge of the livestock industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my child eligible? Any student older than 8 years of age and up, is a member of a 4H club or FFA chapter, lives in or goes to school in Marion County, and pays entry fee may enter this contest. You may enter as an individual, as a team, or both!

How much does it cost? $5 entry fee.

2020 Winners


Junior – Ada Perryman, Town & Country 4H

Intermediate – Kailynn Desmaris, Lake Weir MS FFA

Senior – Gage McFarland, North Marion HS FFA


Junior – Hunter Varnadoe, Aleigh Jo Hicks, Makaila Marshall, Kaili Marshall – South Ocala 4-H

Intermediate – Rebecca LeFils, Makayla Lowery, Aden Permar, Reagan Rowe – Kendrick 4H

Senior – Gage McFarland, Jay Moyer, Kailey McNeal, Amy Sherrer – North Marion High FFA, Team A


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