Feb. 19-27, 2021 Leave a legacy, live the tradition.
Feb. 19-27, 2021 Leave a legacy, live the tradition.

Conservation Tray

Show / Contest Coordinator

Ann Bishop, 352-622-3971 ext 3 or 352-414-7808

More about the Conservation Tray Contest

Land conservation practices are not typical areas of expertise for most young people, but you will get a pleasant and educational surprise when you view these landscape miniatures. Each exhibit is built with much care and perseverance to display modern conservation techniques. You will see examples of strip cropping, natural woodland preservation, strategic land clearing, hedgerow planting, crop residue use, pasture management, terracing, pond sites, cover crops, mulching, waste management, field windbreaks, irrigation systems, and much more. The exhibits are judged on overall workmanship, authenticity, overall appearance, and — of course — on clear display of conservation practices. Don’t miss these miniature landscapes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my child eligible? Any student older than 8 years of age and up, who attends the mandatory meeting and pays entry fee may enter this contest. Each exhibitor must be a member of a 4H club or FFA chapter, live in Marion County or attend a Marion County school.

Can we enter as a group? Yes, but each team member must fill out an entry form.

How much does it cost? $5 entry fee.

2020 Winners

Junior:  Geremy Crouch, Dunnellon 4H

Intermediate:  Govi Kandru, Gator Tracks 4H

Senior:  Justin Wayne Parker, Colt Country 4H  

Group: Lake Weir HS FFA

Best In Show:  Lake Weir High FFA

Thank You Conservation Tray Sponsors

Marion Soil & Water Conservation District

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SEYF is a non-profit, and is reliant on help from the community in the form of donations of money, services and time.  Click below to get involved and help us help the youth of Marion County.