Feb. 21-29, 2020 Home Made, Farm Fresh, Ranch Raised!
Feb. 21-29, 2020 Home Made, Farm Fresh, Ranch Raised!

Horse Show

Show / Contest Coordinator

Donna Shirey, 352-817-3476

More about the Horse Show

Not just a significant interest, but often a passionate love characterizes the relationship these exhibitors have with their horses. This show is only one part of the project, which is designed to help youth improve their skills in horsemanship, sportsmanship, citizenship, discipline, responsibility, and character. The end product? Future leaders for Marion County’s number one business, the equine industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my child eligible? Any student older than 8 years of age and up, a member of a 4H club or FFA chapter, and who lives in or attends a school in Marion County may enter this contest.

How much does it cost? $10.00 SEYF Entry Fee, plus $7.00 per class entered. You can enter unlimited classes for $45.00 total.


Champion Junior English High Point

Sophia Englant & Ice Anger- Arrowhead Archery 4H

Reserve Junior English High Point

America Jones & Peppermint Patty – Cracker Country 4H

Champion Senior English High Point

Kennedi Moody& Time Ink – Horse Specialty 4H

Champion Junior Western High Point

Rian Dennis & Open Range Only – Horse Specialty 4H

Reserve Junior Western High Point

Sharon Wiechens & Hippie Sister – Belleview Bald Eagles 4H

Champion  Senior Western High Point      

Kailey Thompson & Cupid – Town & Country 4H

Reserve Senior Western High Point

Hailey Constable & Cash – West Port HS FFA

Champion Speed High Point

Hailey Constable & Cash – West Port HS FFA

Reserved Speed High Point

Elisha Labagh & Jasper – Stars & Stripes 4H

Champion Walk/Trot High Point 

Elliauna Giannola & Looking at a Lexus – Stars & Stripes 4H

Reserve Walk/Trot High Point 

Jessica Salgado & Apache – Horse Specialty  4H

Champion Ranch Event High Point

Natalie Adkins & Golden Diva – Horse Specialty 4H

Record Book

Junior – Alyssa Lanier- Arrowhead Archery 4H

Intermediate–America Jones- Cracker Country 4H

Senior–Hailey Constable- Westport HS FFA


Thank you card requirement at show check-in! Bring two written thank you cards/letters

Addressed to: 

  1. Seminole Feed 
  2. Hensley Family

Horse Show Entry Form

Lease Agreement

Thank You Horse Show Sponsors

Seminole Feed

Larsen Farms Hay Terminal

JJ Tack

Sponsorship Opportunities

You Can Help

SEYF is a non-profit, and is reliant on help from the community in the form of donations of money, services and time.  Click below to get involved and help us help the youth of Marion County.