February 25 to March 5, 2022 Pride in our Past, Faith in our Future.
February 25 to March 5, 2022 Pride in our Past, Faith in our Future.

Market Lamb

Show / Contest Coordinator

Ty Springer, 352-804-8201

More about the Market Lamb Contest

Sheep are a unique animal with a rich past and gentle demeanor. For 10,000 years, they have provided humanity with food, clothing, and shelter. The care of sheep has often been delegated to the younger generation, and that tradition continues at the Southeastern Youth Fair. Unlike the larger livestock projects that often need parental and teacher supervision with the project animal, the market lambs are more easily managed completely by the exhibitors themselves. The smaller size of this livestock project does not negate the need for training. Although generally gentle in nature, lambs are easily frightened and require a big dose of patient handling to prepare for the show ring. The goal of each exhibitor is to present to the judge a lamb that is well-balanced and carries good muscling and thickness.Therefore, exercise becomes a key to the training process and many students walk their lambs over a mile each day. In order to give the judge the best look at the balance of their individual lamb, the exhibitors work hard to train their lambs to stand square and to maintain that position for up to ten minutes. Although it is not a requirement, many handlers become so attuned with their lambs that they are able to show with no halter whatsoever. The exhibitors must also complete a record book detailing the work they have done on this project in order to compete with their animal. The Grand and Reserve Champions in the Market Show receive an added bonus in this project: a blanket, made from the wool taken from the sheep shearing in late January, is awarded to these winners as a special reminder of their achievement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my child eligible? Any student older than 8 years of age and up, who attends the mandatory meeting, is a member of a 4H club or FFA chapter, and either lives in or goes to school in Marion County, and pays entry fee may enter this contest.

How much does it cost? $15 entry fee.

What’s the 2020 market price for our record books? 2020 SEYF MARKET PRICE FOR LAMBS = $1.50

2021 Winners

Grand ChampionHailey Constable, Belleview Bald Eagles 4H

Reserve Grand Champion – Caylee Draper, Belleview Bald Eagles 4H

Edsel Rowan AwardPriscilla Barragon, Belleview High SR FFA



Premier ExhibitorJacqueline Lemanski, Hands on 4H

Class 1 – Belleview High SR FFA Chapter

Class 2 –Caylee Draper, Belleview Bald Eagles 4H

Class 3Tyler Getzlaff, Belleview Bald Eagles 4H

Class 4 –Hailey Constable, Belleview Bald Eagles 4H

Class 5 – Landon Kopacz, Lake Weir HS FFA

Class 6Nicholas Domenigo, North Marion HS FFA

Class 7Ruth Taddeo, Belleveiw Bald Eagles 4H



Record Book

Junior – Tyler Rich, Stillwaters 4H

Intermediate – Emma Blaire, Belleview Middle FFA

Senior – Ashleigh Palmer, West Port HS FFA


Junior – Caylee Draper, Belleview Bald Eagles 4H

IntermediateCayden Souza, Belleview Bald Eagles 4H

SeniorTyler Getzlaff, Belleview Bald Eagles 4H


Junior – Carly McLain, Belleview Bald Eagles 4H

IntermediateAshley Estrada, Dunnellon MS FFA

Senior – Jacqueline Lemanski, Hands-on 4H


The deadline to enter the 2022 SEYF MARKET animal project has passed. Check back in Sept 2022!

Market Lamb Buyer List

2021 Buyer Brochure – Printable

2021 Skill-a-thon Study Material

Charitable Sale Agreement

  • 2022 Project Start Date: October 27, 2021
  • 2022 Project End Date: February 25, 2022
  • 2022 Days on Feed: 120 Days
  • 2022 Market Price: $____
    • Actual resale prices vary! 

Scholarships / Special Awards

Edsel Rowan Award

  • The Edsel Rowan Trophy, which has been presented at the Lamb Show since its inception in 1987, will again be presented by the Ocala/Marion Country Chamber of commerce to the Market Lamb Exhibitor whose Iamb has achieved the highest weight gain. This trophy was named in honor of long time Marion County Extension Agent, Edsel Rowan. Mr. Rowan’s career as an agent was filled with long hours, hard work, and a genuine desire to help the people of Marion County. He was known statewide for his expertise in the production of important Florida crops. He is credited for ensuring the establishment of the Thoroughbred Horse industry in Marion Country, his knowledge and assistance in developing pasture grasses suitable for horses in Florida’s climate. Mr. Rowan received many awards for his remarkable dedication to serving the agricultural industries in Florida. However, through all the years, his first love was the youth of Marion County. He loved to watch kids achieve and be recognized for their work. Upon his retirement in 1982, the Southeastern Livestock Pavilion and the Agricultural Center Complex was renamed the Rowan Agricultural Complex in honor of his 31 plus years of dedicated service.

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