Feb. 21-29, 2020 Home Made, Farm Fresh, Ranch Raised!
Feb. 21-29, 2020 Home Made, Farm Fresh, Ranch Raised!

Dog Show

Show / Contest Coordinator

Amy Goslee, 352-208-7196

More about the Dog Show Contest

This show originated with an agility demonstration by MADTA during the 2004 Fair. Because of the flurry of interest it generated, it was added as a show. The handlers direct their dogs over an obstacle course consisting of an A-Frame, dog walk, pipe tunnel, collapsed (cloth) tunnel, and hurdles — and that’s just for the Intermediate class. Advanced competitors also have to deal with a see-saw, weave poles, and a tire jump. Unlike many other shows, not only the dog but also the exhibitor must be in good physical condition, as both will have to run the course. Like all the other animal shows, a completed record book is required to compete.
Rally is a dog sport based on obedience. Unlike regular obedience, instead of waiting for the judge’s orders, the competitors proceed around a course of designated stations with the dog in heel position. The course consists of 10 to 20 signs that instruct the team what to do. Unlike traditional obedience, handlers are allowed to verbally encourage their dogs during the course.
Young people and their dogs have been going to school for weeks. They have been learning dog behavior and the benefits of proper training, identifying a dog’s body language, learning to care for a dog’s eyes,ears, teeth, and nails, proper grooming, and training the dog to respond to seven basic commands.Dog obedience teaches discipline, sportsmanship, responsibility, and record keeping. As with all the animal projects in the SEYF, a completed record book must be turned in for the exhibitor to compete with his or her animal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my child eligible? Any student older than 8 years of age and up and pays entry fee may enter this contest. Exhibitors must be a member of a 4H club or FFA chapter and either live in or go to school in Marion County.

How much does it cost? $10 entry fee for each animal, but one fee covers all contests (rally, obedience, and agility).



Leila Velazquez & Nutmeg- Arrowhead Archery 4H

Record Book

Junior – Ada Perryman- Town & Country 4H

Intermediate – Abree Perryman- Majestic Oaks 4H

Senior –Jonas Duncan- Dunnellon HS FFA


Junior –Logan Moreno-Town&Country4H

Intermediate- Skyla Marden-Arrowhead Archery 4H

Senior- Ashtyn Perryman-Town & Country 4H




Junior – Emily Cyrolinski & Atlas, Ft. McCoy 4-Leaf 4H

Intermediate – Taylor Kash & Frankie, Kids & Canine 4H

Senior – Andrew Kemper & Ruby, Boots & Buckles 4H

Sub Novice

1st Place – Leila Velazaquez & Nutmeg, Arrowhead Archery 4H


1st Place – America Jones & Peaches, Cracker Country 4H


1st Place –  Hannah McCallum & Jackson, Colt Country 4H




Junior – Adeline Dolan & Rex- Majestic Oaks 4H

Intermediate – Taylor Kash & Frankie – Kids & Canine 4H

Senior – Leila Velazquez & Nutmeg- Arrowhead Archery 4H


1st Place –Alyssa Lanier & Phoenix, Arrowhead Archery 4H

Rally Advanced

Hannah McCallum & Eli, Ft.McCoy 4-Leaf 4H




Junior – Adeline Dolan & Rex- Majestic Oaks 4H

Intermediate – Emma Hamilton & Dallas- Kids & Canine 4H


Senior – Ashtyn Perryman & Tuck- Town & Country 4H

Sub Novice

Leila Velazquez & Nutmeg, Arrowhead Archery 4H


Hannah McCallum & Eli- Colt Country 4H


Skyla Marden & Celeste- Arrowhead Archery 4H

Thank You Dog Show Sponsors

  • Marion Alachua Dog Training Assoc.
  • Central FL. Pet Cemeteries & Crematory
  • Crevasse’s Pet Funeral Home
  • Ford of Ocala
  • Forest Veterinary Clinic
  • Friendship Masonic Lodge #53
  • Greater Ocala Dog Club
  • Konrath Family; in memory of Angel
  • Midtown Animal Clinic, Dr. Emily North
  • Ocala Scottish Rite
  • Terry’s Shear Envy Hair Salon
  • Dr. Kelly McKnight-Buena Vista Dental
  • Dr. Toby Johnson-Silver Springs Shores Animal Hospital
  • Bob and Lee Saputo

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