February 23 to March 4, 2023 Let the Good Times Grow!
February 23 to March 4, 2023 Let the Good Times Grow!

Barn Rules

Safety is our highest priority!

In order to maintain a clean and safe environment for ALL fair attendees, the following Barn Rules will be strictly enforced:
1. DURING RESTRICTED BARN HOURS: The Barn will be restricted to exhibitors plus one adult a half-hour prior to and a half-hour after the show or sale. They will receive an armband identifying their approval to be in the barn. All others will be asked to leave the barn. The Barn Committee Chair will provide armbands at each show’s mandatory meeting. No children (under 8) will be allowed in the barn during these restricted times. *Exhibitors for each show will receive an “Exhibitor Armband” which must remain on for the entirety of the show and sale – this will be their pass to be allowed in the barn during those restricted times.
2. Each exhibitor is required to maintain a clean and attractive area/stall at all times. SEYF will provide the initial shavings required for bedding in the stalls. Exhibitors will be responsible for providing any extra shavings. Straw bedding is not allowed. At the conclusion of each show and sale, each exhibitor must remove all shavings from the stall and put them in the center aisle of the barn. Due to the timing of some shows and sales the Barn Committee reserves the right to change where the dirty shavings will be placed. This will be announced at each show’s mandatory meeting. *Failure to clean and/or leave behind trash or other items will result in a fine. **Barn will close one hour after show/sale is done. All items/animals must be removed by that time.
3. No dogs are allowed in the barn, except those entered in the Dog Obedience/ Agility/ Rally Shows (which are only allowed in the North Arena). These dogs must be kept within the designated area while waiting to compete and are not allowed beyond, This rule does not apply to certified service dogs with credentials.
4. Smoking is prohibited at all times.
5. No alcohol or drugs are permitted in the barn at any time.
6. No pets or strollers in the barn.
7. No food in the barn. All drinks are required to have lids.
8. No unattended animals (wash rack, grooming chutes, or aisles).
9. No ATVs or golf carts.
10. Center/Line-up aisle – only exhibitor plus one helper allowed during shows and sales.
11. Closed-toed shoes are required in the barn.
12. No hammocks in stalls.
13. Be respectful at all times.
• Barn Committee members will be in either red shirts or wear a nametag for better visibility.
• Barn will close 1/2 hour prior to shows and sales and will only be open to those with armbands.
• Rubber armbands will be provided to leaders so they can use them all week.
• **LEADERS – Please help the barn committee by making yourself easily identifiable as a leader (i.e., nametag, shirt, etc). Your armband will help during shows obviously, but any clarity on who is leadership will help the committee know who to reach out to when necessary.