February 25 to March 5, 2022 Pride in our Past, Faith in our Future.
February 25 to March 5, 2022 Pride in our Past, Faith in our Future.


Thank you for your interest in sponsoring the 2020 Southeastern Youth Fair!

Where did you first learn to “finish what you start” and that “a job worth doing, is worth doing well?” The Southeastern Youth Fair has been teaching these lessons to Marion County youth for the past 80 years! We would love to have you join the select few in our Corporate Sponsorship Program.

The Southeastern Youth Fair is a not-for-profit ALL YOUTH Fair held in February of each year. Responsibility, marketing, communication, and record keeping are just a few of the life skills acquired by the over 1,100 exhibitors of the 2020 Fair. Your sponsorship helps shape these “Blue Ribbon Youth,” many of whom return to Ocala/Marion County after college to become future business leaders, putting their skills to work in our community.  Your contribution will be used in funding college scholarships, sponsoring shows and events, and creating a state-of-the-art educational experience for our youth.

Don’t miss out on making this lasting impact on over 1,100 youth participants and its 25,000 attendees! Please consider a Corporate Sponsorship and take the opportunity to shape our community’s future. Complete the online information as soon as possible. If you need additional information, call us at 352-629-1255.

All Corporate Sponsors Receive:

  • Name on all Fair Publications
  • Thank you page in Program
  • Sponsorship recognition announcements are made throughout the Fair including goat, lamb, steer, and swine auctions.
  • You may also display a 2’ x 8’ sign or banner during the 9‐day event.

Platinum: $10,000 Includes

  • 2 full‐page color ads in the Program
  • Exhibit Booth Space
  • Advertisement logo and link on SEYF website
  • 25 BBQ tickets
  • 6  SEYF T-shirts

Diamond: $5,000 Includes

  • 1 full‐page ads in the Program
  • Exhibit Booth Space
  • Advertisement logo and link on SEYF website
  • 20 BBQ tickets
  • 4  SEYF T-shirts

Gold: $2,000 Includes

  • half-page color ad in the Program
  • 12 BBQ tickets
  • 2  SEYF T-shirts

Silver: $1,000 Includes

  • half‐page ad (B&W) in the Program
  • 8 BBQ tickets
  • 2  SEYF T-shirts

Community Supporter (any donation over $250)

  • business card ad (black and white) in Program
  • 2 BBQ Dinner Tickets
  • one 2020 SEYF T-shirt

Show and Contest Sponsorships

Show and Contest Sponsorships are the backbone of the Fair and cover the daily operating expenses of each show and contest. This sponsorship ensures the awards and supplies of each show or contest are covered, and all exhibitors are recognized and appreciated for their hard work during the year.

When you contribute to a show or contest, your logo or name will be recognized at that show or contest you support. Please make checks payable to the Southeastern Youth Fair and include the specific show /contest you are sponsoring. Thank you again for your consideration and for supporting Agriculture and the Youth of Marion County!! We greatly appreciate you and your generosity!

Use the form below to make a general donation to the Southeastern Youth Fair. 

Alternatively, you may use the “sponsor” above.

Click Here for 2022 Sponsorship Printable Form

Another way you can support the SEYF is by sponsoring our traditional BBQ Buyer Dinners! This is a special way we recognize our buyers year after year. Half-page and Full-page COLOR program ads are included in this Sponsorship. Below is the Printable Form for those sponsoring the BBQ Dinner.

Click Here for 2022 BBQ Dinner Sponsorship Printable Form


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