February 20 to March 1, 2025 Footloose at the Fair!
February 20 to March 1, 2025 Footloose at the Fair!

Buyer Letters

All exhibitors entering the Market Goat, Market Lamb, Steer and Swine shows must write letters to prospective buyers. One copy of this information will be included in the Market Animal Record Book.

While you are encouraged to write more, you are required to write to a minimum of five (5) prospective buyers. Three (3) letters must be made to new buyers and two (2) letters to former (last year’s) buyers.

Use the following guideline:

1) Introduce yourself.

2) Invite them to the Fair to support the youth of Marion County.

3) Tell about your project and ask them to consider bidding on or purchasing your animal.

REMEMBER: The more buyers, the better the prices.

More About Buyer Letters

How many buyer letters are necessary?
Remember that only five letters are required, but the more letters you send out, the more likelihood you will have more than one buyer come to the sale, which will drive up the bid and you will get a better price for your animal.

Who should we write letters to?
There is a list of previous buyers on each market show page, so you can choose any names from that list. You can also choose to write to family members, family friends, community leaders, and business owners.

Should all letters be sent in the mail?
It’s encouraged to set up appointments to visit a few buyers that you know personally and hand-deliver letters. This is a great time for your child to practice personal communication and professionalism.

Is it better to hand-write or type letters?
There is no rule on this one either. However, there are many long-time buyers who love getting hand-written letters. This is your choice according to your child’s level and style. You can include pictures or invitation cards as well.

Letter writing is not my expertise. How do I help guide my child to write an appropriate letter?
We all have our strengths and weaknesses. If your child is not the best at writing letters, below are some resources to help guide them. You can also always ask your chapter or club leader to proofread the letters before sending them out. Below are some examples for reference as well. Letters don’t have to be perfect, but they should be heart-felt, informational, professional, and neat.