February 25 to March 5, 2022 Pride in our Past, Faith in our Future.
February 25 to March 5, 2022 Pride in our Past, Faith in our Future.

Market Goat

Show / Contest Coordinator

Ty Springer, 352-804-8201

More about the Market Goat Contest

Did you know that there are over 100 goat breeds in the world, ranging in size from 20 pounds to well over 100 pounds, that more people in the world drink goat’s milk than cow’s milk, or that goat meat has a lower fat content than either lamb or beef and is eaten by over 80% of the world’s population? These shows afford youth an opportunity to learn to judge and select goats, feed, manage, and prepare them for exhibit. Many of our young exhibitors have their own goat herd. Record keeping is another important aspect of these projects, and a completed record book must be turned in before the show in order for the youngster to compete with his or her animal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my child eligible? Any student older than 8 years of age and up, who attends the mandatory meeting and pays entry fee may enter this contest. Each exhibitor must be a member of a 4H club or FFA chapter, and live in or attend school in Marion County.

How much does it cost? $15 entry fee.

What’s the 2020 SEYF market price for goats for my record book? 2020 SEYF MARKET PRICE FOR GOATS = $1.75

2021 Winners

Grand Champion Wether – Breely Yeomans, North Marion High FFA

Reserve Grand Champion Wether – Brynleigh Durham, Caprine 4H

Premier Exhibitor – Brayden Pruitt, Belleview Bald Eagles 4H

Lamb & Goat Herdsman Award- Regan Barlow, Belleview Middle FFA

Light Weight Wethers – Breely Yeomans,  North Marion High FFA 

Medium Weight Wethers – Brynleigh Durham, Caprine 4H

Heavy Weight Wethers – North Marion High SR FFA Chapter

Record Book

  • Junior – Westin Earnest, Wild N Country 4H
  • Intermediate – North Marion Middle FFA Chapter
  • Senior – Emily DiMichele, Belleview High FFA 


  • Junior – Brynleigh Durham, Caprine 4H
  • Intermediate – Caleb Smith, Belleview Bald Eagles 4H
  • Senior – Casey Oliver, Belleview Bald Eagles 4H


  • Junior – Brayden Pruitt, Belleview Bald Eagles 4H
  • Intermediate – Cate Viverito, Dunnellon 4H
  • Senior – Kyla Petkanics, Belleview High FFA


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