February 23 to March 4, 2023 Let the Good Times Grow!
February 23 to March 4, 2023 Let the Good Times Grow!

General Rules



Understand that all shows have their own set of rules, however EVERY exhibitor must be aware of and follow all of the General Rules as well.

1. There is an entry fee schedule for the 2024 Southeastern Youth Fair. It is posted on our website. Payments must be made online for entry through our online system. No persons will be allowed to participate or enter any part of the Southeastern Youth Fair if they have any outstanding monetary obligations from previous Southeastern Youth Fairs.
2. It is understood that all exhibitors entering any of the Southeastern Youth Fair shows and/or contests agree to comply with all General Rules and Regulations, Animal Inspections Rules & Regulations and the IAFE National Code of Show Ring Ethics, as well as the rules governing each individual show and/or contest. Let it be known that all those directly associated with the Southeastern Livestock Association/Southeastern Youth Fair, including but not limited to Board Members, Staff, Show Committees, Sponsors, and Volunteers reserve the right to be held harmless and not responsible in any way in case of any damage, fire or accident as to person, lost articles, livestock, etc. entered and/or exhibited or any accidents that might occur to the exhibitor or their family, and/or the general public while visiting on the grounds at any time during the Fair.
3. All animals must be owned by the exhibitor or their immediate family (parents, grand-parents, or siblings) or leased. Only heifers/cows, goats and horses may be leased. The completed lease agreement must accompany the entry form. All animals must be in the care of the exhibitor by the entry deadline and remain in their care until the Fair.
4. The Executive Board and/or Show Committee reserve the right to visit exhibitors’ locations to inspect animals that have been entered into the Fair.
5. DEFINITION OF A HOMEGROWN ANIMAL: An animal that was born and raised to an animal owned by the exhibitor, their parents or grandparents. If the animal was already bred when purchased, the offspring is NOT homegrown. An embryo transfer is NOT homegrown. The Show Committee’s determination as to eligibility shall be conclusive.
6. There will be no overnight camping on the Fair grounds.
7. No dogs are allowed in the barn, except those entered in the Dog Obedience and Dog Agility and Rally Shows. These dogs must be kept within the designated area while waiting to compete and are not allowed beyond the barriers.
8. No parents or family members will be allowed down in the arena during the shows and sales. This area is for exhibitors and show committee members only.
9. No solicitation of buyers is to be done on the Fairgrounds during the Fair. This includes, but is not limited to the exhibitor, parent or any other person acting on behalf of the exhibitor, approaching the buyer and directly making the request, or handing out items to buyers or visitors with an exhibitor’s name and/or their animal’s name or tag number on it. If you choose to present buyers with gifts, please deliver them after the Fair.
10. Exhibitors and parents are not permitted to harass, intimidate, or otherwise act in a rude or angry manner towards any Buyer, Judge, Board, Committee member, or Staff.
11. Rule #4 of the IAFE Code of Show Ring Ethics deals specifically with drugs. Use of drugs, in animals, not in compliance with manufacturer’s label as to dosage, time of withdrawal limitations, or other manufacturer’s limitations and show regulations is prohibited. The use of tranquilizers or possession of same after arrival at the Fair will be construed as tampering.
12. The Fair will not be responsible for any actions by the US Post Office concerning entries or thank you letters. This includes letters lost or delayed through the mail.
13. Any protest or complaint must be made in writing within twenty-four (24) hours of the event. It must be addressed to the Chairman and Executive Board of the SEYF, plainly state the complaint, and be delivered to the Fair Office. NO COMPLAINTS ARE TO BE MADE TO THE JUDGE, DIVISION COORDINATOR, OR STAFF.
14. Violation of any rules, misconduct, misrepresentation, or failure to cooperate with the Show Committees or their designees in any manner by either the exhibitor or members of their family, as determined by the SEYF Executive Board, may be cause for disqualification and the exhibitor will forfeit all premiums and awards, and any future participation by the exhibitor at the Southeastern Youth Fair will be prohibited.
15. The Southeastern Livestock Association/Southeastern Youth Fair reserves all rights to make changes to individual shows, events, and/or rules and regulations throughout the year as the Executive Board and/or Show Coordinators deem necessary for the betterment, improvement and safety of exhibitors, volunteers, and guests.
16. STATEMENT OF UNDERSTANDING: By signing and submitting an entry to the 2023/24 Southeastern Youth Fair, the exhibitor, parents, leaders, and advisors agree that they have read and agree to abide by the Rules and Regulations as posted by the Southeastern Livestock Association/Southeastern Youth Fair, and that all information on the entry form is true. By approving the entry form online, you release the Southeastern Livestock Association/Southeastern Youth Fair and those directly associated with it from any liability to your person or property and you consent to the use, by the Fair, of any pictures taken during the events for promotion or advertising of the Southeastern Youth Fair.

17. Situations may occur which warrant exceptions to both the General Rules and Regulations of the SEYF, or to exhibitor eligibility and responsibility. Please submit concerns or issues in writing to be presented as an agenda item to the Executive Board for their consideration. These exceptions will be addressed on a “case by case” basis. Final resolution to such matters will be that of the SEYF Executive Board.
18. All exhibitors must be a registered member of a chartered Marion County 4-H Club or Marion County FFA Chapter. Their membership must be in good standing and they must meet all their Club or Chapter requirements.
19. In addition, all exhibitors must either live within the boundaries of Marion County and/or attend a school in Marion County.
20. The division between Junior, Intermediate, and Senior classes shall be uniform throughout the Fair. The age for all shows is as of September 1, 2023.
• Juniors: 8–10 years
• Intermediate: 11–13 years
• Seniors: 14-18 years and older and must not have passed their 19th birthday OR graduated from public, private or homeschool High School.
• Exceptions MAY be granted to those past their 19th birthday and still in school with a documented IEP with Marion County School Board.
• PLEASE NOTE: 4-H members under the age of 8 (as of September 1, 2022) may not compete for any awards and/or prizes. They may enter only those events specific to their age group (5 to 7 years old).
21. The exhibitor must declare, on each entry, whether they are entering as a 4-H or FFA member. Once that designation is made, it will not be changed. No 4-H member will be allowed to transfer exhibits or animals to another Club once the entry is received.
22. It is required that exhibitors wear clothing that reflect the official 4-H or FFA uniform when exhibiting animals in the show, showmanship, or sale.
• 4-H: Green, black or khakis pants, (No Blue Jeans), collared white long sleeve shirt with 4-H insignia, 4-H jacket is optional.
• FFA: (Official Dress) Black pants, collared white shirt, FFA jacket, FFA scarf or tie.
23. No hats are allowed and closed toed shoes or boots are required
24. The SEYF Executive Board will have the final decision regarding the appropriateness of dress.
25. Feed, care and management of animals, excluding those animals in the small animal barn, shall be the responsibility of the exhibitor.
26. Each exhibitor is required to maintain a clean and attractive area (stall or cage) at all times. The SEYF will provide the initial shavings required for bedding in the stalls. Exhibitors will be responsible for providing any extra shavings that he or she wants in their stall. Straw bedding is not allowed.
27. Do not dump trash in the shavings bin.
28. At the conclusion of each show and sale, each exhibitor must remove all shavings from the stall and put them in the center of the aisle of the barn. Upon departure, if your stall is red-tagged for any items left behind (equipment, tools, stall tags, trash, etc.) you will be fined $50.00.
29. There will be no electrical equipment allowed in the wash rack area. This includes, but is not limited to blow dryers and clippers. Anyone found violating this rule will be immediately dismissed from the show.
30. Each exhibitor will provide their own markers and safety pins. There will be a limit of 1 stall card and 1 back tag provided.
31. It is requested that all exhibitors send a “Thank You” letter to the Division Coordinators and sponsors for each event they participate. Without these volunteers and sponsors, the Fair could not continue. These letters do not need to come to the Fair office – send them directly to the recipient. For rules on thank you letters to buyers see #59 – #66.

32. It is required to submit entries online through this website. ENTRY FEE PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY THE ENTRY. We offer an extended deadline of three days for entries. Late entry fee of $100 is enforced for market animals and double entry fee for all others if made during the three-day extension.
33. All entries must be filled out completely and accurately. Entries are verified for eligibility and accuracy. Any incomplete or inaccurate entries will not be accepted and will be returned to either the 4-H Leader or the FFA Advisor of the exhibitor.
34. Exhibitors will only be allowed to enter either a steer or a hog. An individual may enter his or her own steer or hog and also show a club or chapter steer or hog. No single exhibitor will be permitted to show more than one animal per species.
35. Clubs and Chapters may enter and show both a steer and hog.
36. The Executive Board and/or Show Coordinators reserve the right to review any entry, and may, by majority vote, reject any animal from the show and/or sale, if it is deemed in the best interest of the overall show and/or sale.

37. All exhibitors showing an animal must keep and complete either the “Market Animal” or “Animal” Southeastern Youth Fair Record Book. These books will be available on our website. If you have trouble downloading them, please contact our office, your 4-H Leader or FFA Advisor.
38. A record book is required for each animal show the exhibitor is entered in. It is to be done by the exhibitor and not an adult. Only one record book may be submitted per show. If more than one is submitted by the exhibitor, no book for that exhibitor will be judged for that show.
39. Beginning and end dates for animal and market animal projects will be posted on the record book page of our website.
40. ALL MARKET ANIMAL (Goat, Lamb, Steer, Swine) Record Books must be complete, including ALL required signatures and turned in to the SEYF OFFICE the week before the Fair (See the Calendar of Events for specific dates). A copy of your buyer letter and a copy of your proposed thank you letter is required to be included in your completed Market Animal Record Book. The only exception is the “Project Summary” page in the Market Animal book. Please remove that page and bring it to the final weigh-in. You can then complete the information and submit that page at the designated time and location.
41. COMPLETED Animal (Beef Heifer, Chicken, Dog, Meat & Dairy Goat, Horse, Breed Lamb, Rabbit) Record Books are due in the SEYF Office the week before the Fair (See the Calendar of Events).
42. All pages to the record book must be secured on the bind. Books must be bound by 3 staples, side lock or slide grip folder, or duo-tag folder. No paperclips, three ring binders, spiral, or plastic spiral binding.
43. IF YOUR ANIMAL DOES NOT MAKE THE SHOW you may still submit your completed record book for judging.
44. All record books will be judged by the same standards
• Completeness and Neatness: 20 points
• Accuracy: 40 points
• Evidence of work: 40 points
45. Only those record books earning a Blue Ribbon will be considered for any awards or premiums.

46. All animals shall enter the show grounds through the designated gate. The exceptions are dogs, chickens and rabbits and horses.
47. All goats and sheep must have a scrapie ID number.
48. All health rules as outlined by the Florida Department of Agriculture, Division of Animal Industry as printed in this book must be adhered to. State inspectors will be on the grounds to verify health papers and check in all animals. No animals will be unloaded without the inspector’s approval.
49. The State Inspector has the right to test any animal on the facility without prior notice.
50. Judges for animal shows and showmanship classes must not reside in Marion County.
51. No judge can be repeated for the same show more than two (2) times in a four (4) year period.
52. No Division Coordinator will judge any aspect of the Fair.
53. Sellers of animals in a show are not allowed to judge that show.
54. Division Coordinators reserve the right to withhold any award due to limited numbers of competition, the quality of the exhibit being below an acceptable standard, or poor scoring in a contest.
55. Herdsman judging will take place throughout the time the animals are on exhibit. Ten (10) points will be awarded for each of the following: appearance and cleanliness of the animal; cleanliness and attractiveness of the stall; exhibitor’s attitude, appearance and knowledge; condition of equipment; safety practices used; theme and added extras.

In addition to all other rules, the following also apply to the Market Goat, Market Lamb, Steer and Swine shows:
Before the Fair:
57. All exhibitors entering the Market Goat, Market Lamb, Steer and Swine shows must write letters to prospective buyers. One copy of this information will be included in the “Market Animal” record book. While you are encouraged to write more, you are required to write a minimum of five (5) prospective buyers. Three (3) letters must be made to new buyers and two (2) letters to former (last year’s) buyers.
58. Use the following guideline: 1) Introduce yourself. 2) Invite them to the Fair to support the youth of Marion County. 3) Tell about your project and ask them to consider bidding on or purchasing your animal. REMEMBER: The more buyers, the better the prices.
59. If you are selling your animal and plan to use the proceeds to go to a charity, the “SEYF Charitable Sale Agreement” must be filled out BEFORE auction. This form must be completed and turned in by the final weigh-in at the latest.
At the Fair:
60. Make sure you find the information about your buyer on the night of the sale. It will contain the name and address of your buyer. A list will be posted near the window of the sales office during the auction and the information you need will be located there. The list will also be texted out in the “Remind” text group. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO FIND OUT WHO YOUR BUYER IS – EVEN IF YOUR ANIMAL IS THE LAST ONE SOLD.
61. An original “Thank You” letter to your buyer must be received in the Fair office no later than March 19, 2024. DO NOT SEND A COPY. You may also mail your letters to: Southeastern Youth Fair, PO Box 404, Ocala, FL 34478. A postmark date is acceptable.
62.You may deliver letters to the Fair office at 2232 NE Jacksonville Road. DO NOT DELIVER THEM TO EITHER THE 4-H OFFICE, THE EXTENSION OFFICE OR THE LIVESTOCK PAVILION OFFICE. There is a mailbox located by the front door of the SEYF office. If the office is closed, please leave your letter in the box by March 19th. Also, included with the letter should be an UNSEALED, STAMPED ENVELOPE ADDRESSED TO THE BUYER.
63. Letters received or postmarked after March 19th will result in a $100.00 fine. The fine will be deducted from the exhibitor’s animal sale check.
64. AT THE MINIMUM: All letters must include three paragraphs with a minimum of nine (9) sentences, using the following format: Paragraph 1: Introduce yourself (name, age, school, club/chapter, what other shows you participate in, etc.); Paragraph 2: tell what the project is (goat, lamb, steer, swine) and describe what you learned from the project (do not just say “I learned responsibility” or “I learned time management,” but explain how you learned it and why it is important); Paragraph 3: Express your appreciation and tell how you intend to use these funds. (Remember that anything earned over the market price is a gift from your buyer, so thank them accordingly). MAKE SURE YOU SIGN IT. All typed or computer generated letters REQUIRE a written signature. Place your goat, lamb, steer, or swine tag number underneath your signature.
65. Letters that do not meet the minimum 9 sentence requirement will be returned to the exhibitor to be re-written.
66. Exhibitors will not be paid until your “Thank You” letter is received and approved and payment from the buyer is received. The Fair invoices buyers immediately, but some buyer’s checks come from out of the county or state.
67. It may take 2 to 3 months before you will receive your check. Please do not call the fair office about your check.
68. A commission of 4% for steers, 5% for hogs, 3 % for goats and 3% for lambs will be retained by the SEYF to help defray expenses.
69. The State Beef, National Swine, and National Lamb Board check-off fees will also be deducted from the sale check.
70. For steer and swine exhibitors, the fee for two BBQ dinner tickets will be deducted to give your buyer a “thank you” free dinner at next year’s Fair.