Plant ID

Division Coordinator: Andrew Edwards


Plant ID Entry

More about Plant Identification

The purpose of the Plant ID Contest is to acquaint youth with plant types and their useful parts and products. Participation in this event enables the contestant to better select, buy, use, grow, sell, and appreciate the offerings of plants.

In the Plant ID Contest, the participant is required to identify over 40 different specimens by viewing some part of the plant, whether it be a piece of the leaf, stem, flower, or root.

Senior contestants must be able to identify the plant with both the common and the scientific (Latin) name. So the next time you sit in the shade of a beautiful live oak tree, think of it as a Quercus virginiana and remember the many young people competing in the challenging Plants ID Contest!


JuniorRiley Feagle, Caprine 4H
IntermediateKyle Rich, Stillwaters 4H
SeniorNicholas Selig, BHS FFA

Junior Team – none
Intermediate Team – Belleview MS FFA
Senior Team Belleview HS FFA


  • Russ & Priscilla Randall
  • Lynn Nobles
  • Debbie Jenkins
  • Joan Stark
  • Katherine Otte