Grand Champion-

2018 Swine Sponsor Thank You List

Division Coordinator: Brian Alberty

NEW AWARD- The Tim Townley Award is given to the Southeastern Youth Fair student who exhibits a true and willing spirit to help others. They are recognized by the SEYF Swine Committee as the outstanding individual for volunteering and sportsmanship.  This was Mr. Townley’s true spirit and this individual reflects his legacy.

Important Dates

All Swine Exhibitors are required to attend a Pork Quality Assurance Certification Program to show at the 2018 SEYF










ATTENTION ALL SWINE SHOW PARTICIPANTS: Stalls will be supplied with shavings by the Swine Committee when you weigh-in your hogs on Thursday, February 22nd. The shavings barn is off limits and will be locked for the remainder of the Swine Show. If you want additional shavings for your stall you will need to purchase bagged shavings and bring them with you. MANDATORY MEETING: Tuesday, August 29, 2017 @ 6:00pm – SELP TAGGING DATE: Saturday, November 4, 2017 @ 7:00am – 10:30am – (SELP west parking lot)



Reserve Grand Champion-

More about the Swine Project

This show is one of the largest youth swine shows in Florida. The Swine Show, like the Steer Show, involves feeding out the project animal for the purpose of marketing that animal for sale. From November through February, exhibitors work with their animals, keeping detailed records. Marketing is another important part of the swine project. Each exhibitor must make at least five business contacts in order to promote the sale of their hogs. We welcome you to come out and see if you can pick the Grand Champion. Then come back the following night for the fun of the sale. As with all the animal projects for the Southeastern Youth Fair, a completed record book must be turned in for the exhibitor to compete with his or her animal.



Premier Exhibitor-Francisco Davila


Grand Champion – Taylor Burns, Vanguard HS FFA

Reserve Grand Champion – Austin Bennett, Boots & Buckles 4H

Premier Exhibitor – Lainey Liles, Lucky Learners 4H

Class 1 – Josh Bailey

Class 2 – Hailey Constable

Class 3 – Kirstin Wickett

Class 4 – Morgan Rasnick

Class 5 – Austin Bennett


Herdsman Award-


Henry Gatrell Trophy


High Point Award-

Class 6 – Jayme Smith

Class 7 – Mason Lowery

Class 8 – Taylor Burns

Class 9 – Makayla Lowery

Class 10 – Holton Dwyer

Class 11 – Matthew Kleckner

Class 12 – Jeffrey Williams



Class 13 – Hayley Campbell


Junior – Jason Batten, Shady 4H

Intermediate – Cashlin Dwyer, Wild & Country 4H

Senior – Ethan White, Wild & Country 4H

Record Book

Junior – Jordan Henrich, Stillwaters 4H

Intermediate – NMHS Chapter FFA

Senior – Kristin Wickett, NMHS FFAMLH_8089MLH_8039MLH_8097

Herdsman Award

Boots & Buckles 4H


Junior – Jackson Sears, Belleview Bald Eagles 4H

Intermediate–Lainey Liles, Belleview MS FFADRH_4289DRH_4290MLH_8293

Senior – Morgan Rasnick, Belleview HS FFA

Henry Gatrell Trophy

Carcass Contest –Dunnellon High, Jr. FFA

High Point Award

Cashlin Dwyer, Wild & Country 4H

Tim Townley Award

Makayla Rector, Belleview HS FFA


  • "In Memory of Kali" The Erwin Family
  • Cattlemen's Choice
  • Mr. & Mrs. Bob Renner
  • Ocala Community Credit Union
  • Brian Alberty's Fence Painting
  • CW Lawn Care
  • Facility Resources Inc.
  • Conrad Tree Service
  • Florida Fine Grading
  • Extreme Lawn Care
  • Country Oaks Angus Ranch
  • Lovelady Show Pigs
  • McNeill Grassing LLC
  • Anderson Columbia Co.
  • Larsen Farms
  • Jerry's Pawn and Gun
  • North East Auto and Truck Service
  • Helena Chemicals
  • Tom Conrad
  • Waggener Brothers Fencing LLC
  • Woods Garage
  • John & Karen Tilton
  • Carlos Alberty
  • Ag-Pro Ocala
  • David and Renee Stephens
  • Marion County Farm Bureau
  • Bramlett Electric
  • Michael Faison's Maintenance
  • SAK Business Enterprises Inc.
  • Harold Plumley
  • David Perry
  • Shawn and Amy Davis