Market Lamb

Grand Champion-

Division Coordinator: Ty Springer

Important Dates

MANDATORY MEETING: Tuesday, August 29, 2017 @ 6:00pm  *SELP Lamb Pick-Up: Wednesday, November 1, 2017 @ 4:00pm @ SELP  *MOCK LAMB SHOW – January 6, 2018 @ 9:00am, SELP       * LAMB SHEARING – TBA


***NEW*** A lamb affidavit stating your lamb was bred in Florida is no longer required.  You may purchase your lamb from ANY breeder from ANY state.  

Skill-a-thon Info. – Sheep Production

Skill-a-thon Rules

SEYF Lamb market show lesson

2017 Lamb Buyer List

More about the Lamb Project

Sheep are a unique animal with a rich past and gentle demeanor. For 10,000 years, they have provided humanity with food, clothing, and shelter. The care of sheep has often been delegated to the younger generation, and that tradition continues at the Southeastern Youth Fair. Unlike the larger livestock projects that often need parental and teacher supervision with the project animal, the market lambs are more easily managed completely by the exhibitors themselves. The smaller size of this livestock project does not negate the need for training. Although generally gentle in nature, lambs are easily frightened and require a big dose of patient handling to prepare for the show ring. The goal of each exhibitor is to present to the judge a lamb that is well-balanced and carries good muscling and thickness.Therefore, exercise becomes a key to the training process and many students walk their lambs over a mile each day. In order to give the judge the best look at the balance of their individual lamb, the exhibitors work hard to train their lambs to stand square and to maintain that position for up to ten minutes. Although it is not a requirement, many handlers become so attuned with their lambs that they are able to show with no halter whatsoever. The exhibitors must also complete a record book detailing the work they have done on this project in order to compete with their animal. The Grand and Reserve Champions in the Market Show receive an added bonus in this project: a blanket, made from the wool taken from the sheep shearing in late January, is awarded to these winners as a special reminder of their achievement.

Premier Exhibitor-

Lamb Care Links

Parasite Control Market Lamb Sheep Project Copper Toxicity in Sheep

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Market Lamb Show

Grand Champion – Sofia Vives, West Port HS FFA

Reserve Grand Champion – Hannah Hogan, Lake Weir HS FFA

Edsel Rowan Award


Reserve Grand Champion-

Premier Exhibitor – Ryon Springer, North Marion HS FFA

Class 1 – Tyler Laib

Class 2 – Riley Thoresen

Class 3 – Maddie Shannon

Class 4 – Caprine 4H

Class 5 – Hannah Bennett

Class 6 – Elianna Giannola

Class 7 – Hannah Hogan


Edsel Rowan Award-

Class 8 – Sofia Vives

Record Book

Junior – Breanna Lopez, Stars & Strips 4H

Intermediate – Isbel Ohlinger, Lake Weir MS FFA

Senior – Christian Graham, Hands On 4H


Junior – Carolyn Parker, Shady Hill 4H

Intermediate – Julia Bender, Liberty MS FFA

Senior – Maddie Shannon, Belleview HS FFA


Junior – Erica Estrada

Intermediate – Amia Evans

Senior – Ryon Springer


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  • Terri and Bobby Latner
  • Ocala Equine Hospital
  • The Erwin Family "In Memory of Kali"
  • Mike and Denise Deen
  • Mullins Automotive
  • Farm Credit of Florida
  • John and Karen Tilton
  • Ocala/Marion County Chamber & Economic Partnerships
  • Roberts Funeral Home/Sherry & Terry Roberts
  • Lynn Nobles
  • Russ and Priscilla Randall
  • David Perry
  • Valerie Dailey, LLC
  • Gateway Bank
  • Suzanne Shuffitt
  • Sparr Building and Farm Supply/Sam Howard
  • Calovine Farm/Ruth Tabor
  • Waggener Brothers Fence, LLC
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  • Karen & Chad Perry
  • Town & Country Animal Hospital
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