SEYF Ambassador Program

Division Coordinators: Molly Rowe, Ashley Eavey, Dianah Dunston


Thank you Sponsors!

Anyone interested in participating as an Ambassador for our 2020 Fair should submit an application prior to Mandatory Meeting on September 10, 2019.   You can also submit your application AT the Mandatory Meeting.

Please contact Molly Rowe at 427-7878, Ashley Eavey at 572-5638, Dianah Dunston at 286-7323 if you have any questions.

The purpose of this program is to promote Marion County youth, educate the public about the Southeastern Youth Fair, and encourage the local community to participate and support the Fair. Since 1998, these students have made a significant contribution to the success and operation of the Fair. Training is provided in public speaking, and many hours are put into speech writing and perfecting their presentations. To become an Ambassador, students from 8th to 12th grades must apply for the position and be interviewed before they are accepted into the program. They must maintain a 3.0 GPA throughout the year. Their responsibility toward their job and their willingness to work have earned them a positive reputation in Marion County. They have donated over 1,070 hours of community service work to over 20 different organizations.

To learn more about how our “cream of the crop” can come to one of your meetings, or assist your organization, please call us at 352-629-1255.








          2018 AMBASSADOR OF THE YEAR            Kirstin Wickett