UPDATED RECORD  BOOK INFORMATION:  The start date for the steer project is September 30, 2017: Days on feed: 142


MANDATORY MEETING: Tuesday, 6:00pm, August 29, 2017, UPDATE:SELP INITIAL WEIGH-IN: Saturday, September 30, 2017  8:00am – 11:00am, (must be in line by 11:00am) FINAL WEIGH-IN: Monday, 8:00am – 10:00am, February 19, 2018

***Steer Show RULES Details ***

***NEW RULE***  Each exhibitor is required to submit a FRONT, BACK and SIDE PHOTO of your 2018 SEYF steer project from the date of purchase.  These photos will be submitted with the affidavit to the steer committee at the initial weigh-in.


Grand Champion-



More About The Steer Project

Raising steers to please today’s consumers requires more than just providing feed and water. Beef producers must understand good conformation, growth patterns, breed differences, and genetic traits. Since 1941, the Steer Show — sponsored by the Southeastern Livestock Association — has sought to improve beef quality through the arena of competition. Through the years, many other shows and activities have been added, but the Steer Show remains the mainstay of what is now known as the Southeastern Youth Fair. The Steer project is one that takes many months of hard work and dedication. Many exhibitors bringing their projects to a close for this year’s Fair are already beginning the process of selection for next year’s steer project. Most students begin handling and breaking their weaned calves over the summer. Exhibitors work hard to prepare their steers for the show ring. Daily handling and training must take place if exhibitors wish to be competitive. Extensive grooming and clipping is done in order to present their steers in the best possible light to the judge. The judge looks for steers with good thickness and balance and that stand up well on their legs. Marketing is another important part of the steer project. Each exhibitor must make at least five business contacts in order to promote the sale of their steers. As with all the animal projects for the SEYF, a completed record book must be turned in for the exhibitor to compete with his or her animal. We invite you to come on out to the Steer Show and Sale and support these hard-working youngsters!

Premier Exhibitor-



 Grand Champion – Charles Phillips, Kendrick 4H                         Reserve Grand Champion – Lake Weir MS FFA     Homegrown – Charles Phillips, Kendrick 4H                                  Reserve Homegrown– Bobbi Jean Frazier, Caprine              Premier Exhibitor – Charles Phillips, Kendrick 4H

Class 1 – Rebecca LeFils,  Kendrick 4H

Class 2 – Ft. McCoy Middle FFA

Class 3 – Lakin Riggs, North Marion MS FFA

Class 4 – Aubrey Ancelet, Kendrick 4H

Class 5 – North Marion HS FFA

Class 6 -Washburn Wear, Stars & Stripes 4H

Class 7 – Caleb Smith, Wild & Country 4H

Class 8 – Charles Phillips, Kendrick 4H

Class 9 – Lake Weir MS FFA

Class 10 – Isaura Vazquez-Ortiz, North Marion MS FFA



Reserve Grand Champion-


Carcass Award-

Junior – Caleb Smith, Wild & Country 4H

Intermediate – Kayelee Ehrisman, Belleview MS FFA

Senior – Charles Phillips, Kendrick 4H

Record Book

Junior – Carson Teuton, Sparr Stallions 4H

Intermediate – Payton Davis, Belleview MS FFA

Senior – Riley Rowe, Belleview HS FFA


Junior Showmanship-


Senior Showmanship-


Intermediate Showmanship-


Junior – Reagan Rowe, Kendrick 4H

Intermediate – Camden Collins, Osceola MS FFA

Senior – Emily DeMichele, Belleview HS FFA

Carcass Contest

Zachary Duncan, Liberty MS FFA

Herdsman Award

Bobbi Jean Frazier, Caprine 4H

Carey Robbins Award

Zoe Greer, Vanguard HS FFA

Landis Blitch Award

Shady 4H (weight gain – 5.35 lbs. per day)

Bess Miller Award

Madelynn Howell, Town & Country 4H





Carey Robbins Award –


Herdsman Award-


Landis Blitch Award –






  • Adena Springs
  • Sack Roofing
  • Community Bank and Trust
  • Marion County Cattlemen's Association
  • LeFils Farms
  • Clay and Amber Starling
  • G & M Cattle Company
  • Gateway Bank
  • Waggener Brothers Fence
  • 3G Cattle Company
  • Farm Credit of Florida
  • CenterState Bank
  • Ocala Stockyard
  • Rick's Equine Performance Supply
  • Marion County Farm Bureau
  • Priority Services
  • Corbett Feed
  • Second Wind Farm
  • CenterState Bank
  • Baldwin Angus Ranch
  • Acorn Farm
  • Colt Cattle Company