Entry Fees

Each event has a separate fee, HOWEVER, there is a a MAXIMUM of $30 per exhibitor, no matter how many events he/she signs up for. Once a student has paid $30 all other entry fees will be waived.

You may pay Market Animal (Steer, Swine, Goat, Lamb ) entry fees at the mandatory meeting, SEYF Office or on line by your (Steer, Swine, Lamb, Goat) tagging day.  At the mandatory meeting entry fees will only be accepted for Market Animals or the $30 maximum entry.  NO other individual show/contest entry fees will be accepted at the mandatory meeting.

Fee Deadline: Entry fee deadline is November 15th  with the exception of Market Animals (Steer, Swine, Lamb, Goat) which are due prior to Weigh In or Tagging date.

Late Fees: November 22nd – fees are doubled.  

Entry Fee Schedule

2020 Schedule of Fees

Market Shows: $15 ea. animal

  • Market Steer
  • Market Hog
  • Market Lamb (fee will cover breed show if applicable)
  • Market Goat (fee will cover Dairy & Meat goat show if applicable)

Other Animal Shows: $10 ea. animal

  • Beef Heifers
  • Dairy Goat or Meat Goat
  • Dog agility, obedience, or rally (1 fee covers all 3)
  • Horses  – $10.00 in addition to; (add $7 per class) ~OR~  $45.00 includes unlimited classes, one Stall
  • Breed lambs

Small Animal Shows

  • Chickens $3 per head ($15 maximum)
  • Rabbits $3 per head ($15 maximum)

All other shows $5 each

  • Photography
  • Animal Fever
  • Plant ID and Horticulture Garden
  • Home Arts
  • BBQ Contest
  • Tractor Driving
  • Conservation Tray
  • Club Exhibits
  • Watch Me Grow
  • Livestock Judging

Please add up your total per exhibitor and click below to open a new secure window for payment.
(You can keep this window open to refer back to if needed.)

Paying entry fees on line DOES NOT mean that you are entered in a SEYF Show or Contest.  An entry form for each show or contest you wish to enter must be submitted to SEYF office by entry deadline date.  All entry forms are available on the show/contest pages of this website.  The only exception are the Market shows.  Entry forms for all Market animals (Steer, Swine, Lamb, Goat) are given out and turned back in at the Mandatory meeting.

Pay Exhibitor Fees Online