Division Coordinator: Linda Graham                                             Assistant Coordinator: Terry Wisham



Entry Form

CHICKEN BREEDS- Skill-a-thon 

Poultry/Chicken Skill-a-thon 2018

Chicken WMG Rules

Mandatory meeting required for ALL Chicken exhibitors on Thursday, November 9, 2017  @ 6:00pm in the Extension Auditorium.

Chicken WMG Entry Form

Watch Me Grow Worksheet


More about the Chicken Show

Young people who wish to exhibit their poultry projects at the Southeastern Youth Fair must document the progress of their chickens and describe what they learned by keeping their record book. The judge looks for birds with proper body conformation, sexual maturity, and healthy plumage condition and skin color. The completed record book, detailing the work done on this project must be turned in with the birds in order for the exhibitor to compete in this show.


POULTRY – CHICKEN SHOW Grand Champion– Hailey Constable


Grand Champion

Best In Show Standard – Olivia Anderson, Bantam – Makayla Candreva, Commercial – Justin Parker,  Water Fowl – Jessie Carpenter,  Showmanship Junior – Jeremiah Caswell, Intermediate – Isabel Dempsey


Senior – Jessie Carpenter Record Book Junior – Breanna Lopez, Intermediate – Amia Evans, Senior – Pierson Graham, Skill-A-Thon Junior – Makayla Candreva, Intermediate – Isabel Dempsey


Senior – Charles Paddock, Poster Contest Junior – Jeremiah Caswell,  Intermediate – Isiah Caswell, Senior – Charles Paddock,  Herdsman Award Cade Spivey High Point: Charles Paddock

Poultry Care Links

Poultry Breeds (U. Kentucky) The Poultry Club Preparing for Show (PDF)


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