Division Coordinator: Linda Graham
Assistant Coordinator: Pam BurrellEMH_0477

MANDATORY MEETING for ALL Rabbit Exhibitors:  Thursday, November 8, 2018 @ 6:00pm in the Extension Auditorium





More about the Rabbit Show

Did you know a rabbit has five toes on the front feet and four on the back feet? Rabbits are easily trained to use a litter box, just as a cat does. Contrary to popular belief, rabbits cannot live on lettuce and carrots alone. All of the young people exhibiting rabbits learn these and many more facts as they complete their projects. Record keeping is an important aspect of all our animal projects, and a completed record book must be turned in before the show in order for the students to compete.



Grand Champion -Cheyenne Johnson – Hands On 4H

Best In Show



Standard – Mini Lop- Cheyenne Johnson-,Hands On 4H

Mini – Holland Lop –  Makayla Candreva, Lucky Learners  4H

Cavy – American- Brynleigh Durham, Caprine 4H

Reserve In Show

Standard – English Spot – Joy Brillhart, Colt Country 4H

Mini – Britannia Petite- Makayla Candreva, Lucky Learners 4H

Cavy -Satin American- Megan Lattinville, Dunnellon High FFA


Junior – Alyssa Lanier – Arrowhead Archery 4H

Intermediate – Kylie Mabe – North Marion MS FFA

Senior – Emily DeMichele, Belleview HS FFA


Best In Show

Record Book

Junior – Paige Donahue- Majestic Oaks 4H

Intermediate – Makayla Candreva- Lucky Learners 4H

Senior – Kyla Petkanics – Belleview HS FFA

Poster Contest

Junior – Grace Trafford- Ocklawaha Lil Bits 4H

Intermediate – Mason Boocock – North Marion MS FFA

Senior – Laura Miner-  Hands On 4H



Class Winners

Junior – Dylan Clemmons- Happy Homeschoolers 4H

Intermediate – Cheyenne Johnson- Hands On 4H

Senior – Emily DiMichele, Belleview HS FFA

Herdsman Award

Cheyenne Johnson- Hands On 4H


Makayla Candreva- Lucky Learners 4H






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