Breeding Lamb

Division Coordinator: Ty Springer


Grand Champion-


***NEW*** An affidavit stating your sheep was bred in Florida is no longer required.  You may purchase your lamb from ANY breeder from ANY state.

Important Dates

ENTRY DEADLINE – November 1, 2017

MOCK LAMB SHOW – January 6, 2018 @ 9:00am, SELP




Breed Lamb Rules

Breed Lamb Entry
Skill-a-thon Rules

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More about the Lamb Project

Sheep are a unique animal with a rich past and gentle demeanor. For 10,000 years, they have provided humanity with food, clothing, and shelter. The care of sheep has often been delegated to the younger generation, and that tradition continues at the Southeastern Youth Fair. Unlike the larger livestock projects that often need parental and teacher supervision with the project animal, breed lambs are more easily managed completely by the exhibitors themselves.

The smaller size of this livestock project does not negate the need for training. Although generally gentle in nature, lambs are easily frightened and require a big dose of patient handling to prepare for the show ring.

Each exhibitor must complete a record book detailing the specifics of their project.



Reserve Grand Champion-


Grand Champion – Sofia Vives, West Port HS FFA

Reserve Grand Champion – Julia Bender, Liberty MS FFA

Class 1 – Casey Oliver

Class 2 – Miranda Underwood

Class 3 – Erica Estrada

Class 4 – Sofia Vives

Record Book

Junior – Aubree Grubbs, Kendrick 4H

Intermediate – Kolten Smith, Osceola MS FFA

Senior – Jessie Carpenter, Hands On 4H